Hymetec Vortex Disinfection

The DDL Hyspray System

A rapid disinfection of rooms by H202 Venturi Misting HySpray H2O2 sprayer is an innovative product from Hymetec. Using a maintenance-free gasification technology (venturi effect) H2O2 will be nebulized (cold-mist-method) at room temperature. Despite low concentration microbes are killed efficiently. Hyspray is a air misting appliance which rapidly disinfects rooms and surfaces by using HyPro Technical a 7% H202 Solution. Technical Information HySpray is a light, ergonomic H202 misting device. It disinfects volumes of 5m³ to 165m³ (8m x 8m x 2.5m). The diffusion time is 11 minutes for 50 m³ and only uses 6.6ml of solution per litre It is suited for dental clinics, operating rooms, intensive care, emergency units, mobile units, ambulances in the medical field.

Many other applications are suitable for using the HySpray to disinfect rooms including: School, Gyms, Shops, Offices. Where ever a Terminal Deep Clean and Disinfection is require the Hymetec HySpray is the system of choice Unlike normal fogging systems the Hyspray system can be validated to show a complete decontamination of the room  treated. Using H202 testing strips placed throughout the room to be treated an easy to read colour change clearly illustrates that the HYPRO TECHNICAL 7% H202 formula is effective. The device and 7 solution are both C E marked by a Notifiable Body. The system is very popular as it reduces fallow time in a dental setting.

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