Mocom Autoclaves

Mocom Autoclaves

Dental Decontamination are proud suppliers of the world's premium autoclave – the Mocom. The Mocom range includes two models, the entry level Mocom B Classic and the popular B Futura.

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The B Classic & B Futura


Please note features vary depending on the model. Talk to one of our experts for more information.

Cycles Menu

Sterilisation cycles can be selected quickly and directly via the programme-associated icons on the touch-screen. The display also allows the user to select the language, manage users and personalise the steriliser exactly as desired.

Delayed Start

Designed to optimise the workflow, the B Futura steriliser lets users programme sterilisation and test cycle start times to take advantage of lower electricity costs at certain times of the day; this feature can also be used to prevent any overloading of electrical systems caused by simultaneous use of several devices or simply to have the steriliser ready at the start of the next working day.

Plug & Play

This new function makes it possible to choose B Futura accessories even after the steriliser has been purchased and is already in use: accessories can be added without having to invest in software or any special adapter.

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