Tethys H10 combined ultrasonic bath/washer disinfector is the newest intuitive design made by Mocom.

Without doubt, the answer to obtaining the best results with least effort is provided by the latest Tethys ultrasonic baths/washer disinfector. This completely automatic device guarantees perfect cleaning of instruments and the highest standard of disinfection, whilst ensuring, at the same time, complete protection for operators and the elimination of any possible procedural errors.

“Touch” Generation

A colour LCD “touch” screen and multi-language icon menu allows a clear and intuitive selection of commands, completely customisable based on professional needs. The desired program only needs to be chosen, and the cycle will proceed in complete autonomy. 

"Touch" Generation


The latest Tethys series has been designed and created in compliance with the EN 15883 standard. That means having machines available that meet the most recent requirements in terms of washing and disinfection, to ensure washing cycles that can be controlled, verified and repeated.


The EN 15883 standard requires a complete check on the thermal disinfection processes carried out. For this purpose, Tethys ultrasonic bath/washer disinfectors can be remotely engineered through ethanet (a WIFI supporter) this enables you to control the machine via your mobile device, tablet/iPad or computer. It can also be used with a printer to provide a fully detailed report on all parameters related to the washing cycle.


Tethys H10 washer disinfector features an advanced operating system, which means the temperature of the water can be constantly checked and kept within required values. This is what guarantees the efficiency of the process, without neglecting, in any way, the materials being treated.


One detergent can be used for all cycles and processes e.g DDL Detergent. The device can be run on the following programmes:

  • Ultrasonic bath, thermo washer disinfector with or without full drying
  • Ultrasonic bath only
  • Pre Washing only to remove protein
  • Washer Disinfector with or without drying

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Tethys H10 Plus


The Tethys H10 has a touch screen menu, similar to that of the Futura B+, making it simple to operate and very easy to use. It has a hard drive which stores the cycles, this can be downloaded. A printer can be used alternatively if preferred. Once the cycle begins, the H10 sets a timed lock on the lid, preventing it from being disturbed during a cycle. Ethernet allows devices with a WIFI option to manually access the machine, allowing operation starts without the need to attend the machine. Capacity: 6 litres usable Class 5 air break Delayed start “Night Cycle” Major breakthrough for washing and disinfecting intricate DENTAL IMPLANT INSTRUMENTS.

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