Rental Options

Many of our products including autoclaves and washer disinfectors are available as part of a rental plan. Enquire today for a rental plan which best suits your practice.

Why rent?

Regulations, guidelines and best practices can be difficult to track and put in place. Rental options ensure you are achieving best practice as we will create a plan tailored to suit you. Large, lump sum payments can be strenuous on any companies bank balance, renting provides a more manageable way to pay.

Our rental options include maintenance and servicing of machines, and can also include consumables. This provides not only value for money, but a less stressful way to manage decontamination.

Our partnership with the Infection Prevention Society guarantees the equipment we provide, and the advice we give, is both correct and up to date.

Tailored to suit you

Pricing depends on many variables including length of contract, required service, equipment and more. For your personal quotation, please contact us. We will create a plan depending on your individual situation, from a fully fledged decontamination room to a single autoclave.